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Red Cedar Mulch

Western Red Cedar is one of the most aromatic and durable mulch on the market. .This mulch is reddy-brown in color with a hint of orange. The shredded fibre nature of the mulch, increases it’s wind resistance .Western Red Cedar mulch has an anti fungal property which helps it last a long time and also contains a natural herbicide and for weed control. Enjoy the beauty and aroma of Cedar, while your trees and shrubs receive all season protection from the elements. Another use for Cedar Bark Mulch is to reduce and control ticks and fleas in kennels and dog shelters.


  • Each bale contains 5.5 cubic yards.
  • The bale weight ranges from 1300 – 1500 lbs.
  • Each bale covers an area of 500-600 sq ft 3-4” thick.
  • The bale measure 4’ wide, 4’6’ deep and 4’3’ tall.
  • The texture of the mulch is 3” minus.
  • Our palletized bales keep your sites cleaner and provide for convenient and easy material handling, storage, and delivery.
  • The bale is very cost effective verses bags products.

$50.= per cubical yard
(5.5 yard in a bale) That makes $275 per bale if paid cash or $285 if paid by credit card. Prices do not include GST or delivery.

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Red Cedar Mulch; The most aromatic and durable landscaping mulch on the market!