Bulk Pallets

A Full skid for $ 650.00 (plus GST) 240 Energy Logs (1920 lbs) 

Now also available in:

Half a skid for $360.= (plus GST) 120 Energy Logs (960 lbs) (SOLD OUT)

A third skid for $250.= (plus GST) 80 Energy Logs (640 lbs)


You can also buy some logs just loose, each log is $4.=


Boxed Energy Logs (3 x 8 lbs logs) $15.00 per box (25 lbs)  

Not including GST, delivery and/or stacking 

Compare prices at local big box or chain stores of other less efficient fire logs at $15.00 - $29.00  for an average 15 to 20 Lbs box, Energy Logs are cheaper per pound and have much higher heat output and longer burn time !


We do deliver, please inquire for your quote.


For payment we accept cash, all mayor credit cards, sorry no debit.


Energy Logs

Energy Logs Pics 8
Energy Logs Pics 7
Energy Logs Pics 6
Energy Logs Pics 5
Energy Logs Pics 4
Energy Logs Pics 3
Energy Logs Pics 2
Energy Logs