Firewood And Energy Logs Compared, High BTU, Less Storage, Wood Heat

1 Pallet of ENERGY LOGSHas The Heating Capacity of1.5-2 CORDS FIREWOOD.

Energy Logs contain approximately 68,000 BTU's per log.

Energy Logs weigh approximately 8 lbs, measure 13 inches long and 4 inches in diameter.

Energy Logs create less ash and little or no residue.












Burning North Idaho Energy Logs:



Energy Logs burn hotter and longer than firewood and other manufactured logs.  It takes a very little number of energy logs to provide you with the warmth of wood heat.  We suggest burning NO MORE THAN TWO (2) ENERGY LOGS AT A TIME, unless starting with a cold firebox as suggested in the Lighting Instructions.  DO NOT OVERFILL YOUR STOVE OR FIREPLACE.






Storing North Idaho Energy Logs:



Energy Logs must be stored in a dry place.  A low moisture content s an important factor in the efficiency of Energy Logs.  To help assure lasting log quality during storage, take measures to protect the Energy Logs from environmental moisture.

Energy Logs

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Energy Logs