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Located in Lindbrook near Tofield, closeby to Camrose, Sherwood Park and Edmonton, set in 80 acres of beautiful rolling countryside we grow the nicest evergreens. Lions Garden is owned and operated by René and Klaske de Leeuw.

We sell mature evergreens, grown in our own nursery, some for over 18 years. Over the past years we expanded our selection of products to meet the needs of our valued customers. We specialize in the selling of trees, shrubs and plants of all kinds in all quantities. Introduced in 2011 are our Energy logs please follow this link for more information. A dedicated part of the nursery is landscaped to host your wedding ceremony in a beautiful venue and unique country setting.

Our wholesale department can accomodate all your special- or high volume planting needs with very competetive prices . Whether  you are an architect, builder, general contractor, landscaper, town, county or municipality, we will grow and supply you with the finest quality in every respect. We will provide great plant material to earn your repeat business.

Our Philosophy

High quality products with unmatched customer service are the key to succes.

Our Goal

Lions Garden is committed to enhance your yard & garden by providing products of superior quality against reasonable prices with unmatched customer service.

We have the resources and reputation to provide you with any particular specimen or unusual plant that you need. In April, May or June, special orders can arrive within a very short time of order placement. During the other months, availability and distance to source may limit the speed at which the order is filled, but we have been pretty successful in finding the rare and beautiful to all who ask.


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Traditional Spring Sale!

Traditional Spring sale of the most beautiful spruces for unbelievable

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Energy Log Referral Program

Energy Logs Referral Program

We recognize our best advertising is from " you" our customers1. We really appreciate your referral business, and wanted to find a way to thank you for  that loyalty.

For every new customer2 you refer to us, your name will be entered into our monthly draw.  For each $100.= spend and paid3 by the new customer your name will be entered in our monthly4 draw.

Our first Great Price for the draw in December is: 1/3 of a pallet energy logs, so 80 energy logs, more than 5.5 million BTU's free to the winner5.

Thank you so much for spreading the word about our business!

1Existing customer must have placed at least one order with Lions Garden's Energy Logs previous to making a referral.
2New customers must have separate address (billing and shipping) from the person who refers them and have not previously ordered Energy Logs from Lions Garden
3 Not including Taxes
4 First draw will be held on December 31st 2012
5 Pick up from Lindbrook yard, delivery is extra, no cash value.
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